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Cassalto provides thoughtful, handsome, intuitive and functional options in modern cabinetry systems and furnishings for residential and commercial spaces. The team edits and curates options which allow people to make selections easier from the myriad of options on the market.  The singular focus is to support the furnishings needs of people and improve the comfort and beauty in their spaces.

Founded by designers and builders, the widening gap in the  marketplace between online self-serve options and complex custom solutions created the ideal opportunity for the birth of Cassalto. Clients either faced a myriad of online options without much professional guidance to help make the right choices; or too much of the same dull offerings; or no direct access to the best products from the professional  design world – where quality and durability are revered.

Born in Silicon Valley, the company subscribes to many of the same values as local tech start-ups;   creating solutions around industry  pain points, unconventional thinking in identifying what a cabinetry and furniture company ‘should’ be,  a culture of contribution indifferent to hierarchy, and a spirit of nimbleness that entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area know inherently.

If you want the consummate design pro experience, we invite you to work with Sherry Scott. Sherry has a gift for bringing order to chaos, managing projects and making spaces functional as well as beautiful. With a degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Sherry is an accomplished Interior Designer of over 25 years in commercial design, residential interior design, and furniture design. She developed ground-breaking programs for the American Society of Interior Designers and served on the boards on several not-for-profit community design organizations. Sherry has won interior design awards, been published in national magazines, and appeared on several HGTV shows. Her natural curiosity and entrepreneurial drive combined with her knowledge base from working with cabinet and casework manufacturers in Italy and Spain led her to realize there was a gap in local retail offerings. With her interior, product design and retail experience, Sherry has the skills that round out the leadership at Cassalto; where innovative product design, quality manufacturing and elegant furnishings come together to make environments that flow.


James joined his business partner Steve Crain in 1996 to manufacturer custom cabinets which were about quality and customer service. He has always had a passion for woodworking and an excellent eye for detail. With a strong background  in manufacturing and construction, James oversaw quality control, inventory, scheduling and all related logistics. He now brings these honed skills to Cassalto. His in-depth cabinet construction expertise, top-level project management skills and superior problem-solver capabilities provide Cassalto with its strong foundation.

Steve Crain’s entrepreneurial spirit drives product innovation and champions client care at Cassalto. Steve,

a 20 year master in the cabinet craft as well, brings a different perspective to cabinetry with a background in interior architecture.  Steve’s passion for his art comes alive when he talks about how a space and each of It's components makes people feel;  from the flow of the cabinetry, to the innovations that make it so intuitive, it’s apparent that the Cassalto line of cabinets is more science than storage.