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With an ever-increasing array of sink and faucet options, and no absolute rules around size, style or material, the driver of these decisions is the individual user. The goods news is, this allows for more creativity and more tailoring to specific uses for each area. Here are a few of our favorite options where appearance and functionality have equal footing.


Pictured above, a stainless steel counter with fully-integrated two-part sink, along with pro-style stainless faucet, matching cabinet doors, drawers and toe kick are the highlight feature of this kitchen.

Customizable sink sizes and depths provide ease of cleanup and efficient use of space.

16 gauge stainless steel as seen on the ‘Social Corner’ is both quieter and cleans easily.

Stainless steel ‘Social Corner’, available in 3 sizes, allows two people to together comfortably.

For its anti-microbial properties, stainless steel makes a great choice for strainers, and when they are sized to fit perfectly over a portion of the sink, extend the workspace area.

Extra tall faucets can elevate the aesthetic of the sink, plus they have a wider reach.

Special features like integrated drainboards allow a sink to be used for two functions at the same time.